With us, you’ll never have to worry about the small details. We’re here for you every step of the way and we only represent the absolute best.

The perfect nanny for your family's needs


Royalty Nannies finds diamonds beneath the rough. You deserve professionals that always go the extra mile and provide a worldview to your child so you can trust that we do what it takes to find your best match. Whether that’s contributing to their child’s growth, educating them with worldview, or raising them to become next generational leaders.

We go beyond traditional nanny placement agencies and provide full support every step of the way. You can expect expert advice, resources, and a 360 overview of every candidate we present. We understand that making the decision to invest in a professional is a 5-figure to 6-figure investment and we don’t take our job lightly. We have a very thorough process to ensure that we’re checking off every box.

We are committed to employing only the best of the best. Because of that, we have specific requirements and qualifications that must be met.

Bridging the gap between demanding careers and parenthood

- Royalty Nannies

"Hiring a nanny is a big decision. It can al so be a difficult and stressful one to navigate, As experts in our industry, we are here guiding you every step of the way"

Congrats on your royalty addition! The fun doesn’t stop here, because we’re always a call away if you need anything at all (no matter how big or small).

06. Celebrate!

Once the nanny trial is complete, we’ll send an official offer letter. As soon as the nanny accepts, we’ll provide all the necessary paperwork to finalize and set you both up for success.

05. Proposal

We’ll introduce the top 2-3 professionals and coordinate interviews. We’ll provide you with all the resources you need to best prepare, including what to ask, etc...

03. Interviews

We’ll begin our search process where we’ll vet every single candidate through our rigorous process. Once we’re confident in our findings, we’ll select the best 2-3 options before presenting them to you. 

02. Search begins

We’ll connect live or virtually so that we can get a better understanding of everything you’re looking for. This includes the desire to hire a part-time or full-time nanny, any specific lifestyle needs, and budget.

01. Connect

The Family Experience

how it works

Once you’ve identified the nanny of your dreams, we'll arrange an official "nanny trial". This working week will allow your family and the nanny of your choice time to get to know one another and ensure the pairing is the perfect fit before an official commitment is made.

04. Nanny Trials (advised, but not required)

Previous Nanny references (unless it’s a first time hire)

Knowledge based on current nanny market, hourly rates based on location, experience, responsibilities, and number of children  

Guidance on Nanny Industry Standard benefits, such as: guaranteed hours, vacation time, sick days, paid holidays, annual salary increases, and mileage reimbursement for on the job use.

Employing our Nannies legally

We help our families build a compensation package for their nanny. Always aligned with industry standards it may include a consultation based on the following:

It’s also important that each nanny is passionate about children and what they do, they pass our nanny assessment with flying colors, and pass additional screening tests (full background check, psychometric evaluation, etc.)

We know the importance of a highly-skilled nanny that provides nourishment to a child’s upbringing and ease to a family’s household. That’s why it’s just as important to us that our families acknowledge the value of their services.


Valid Driver’s License, reliable & insured vehicle, and clean driving record

Minimum of 1 year commitment

Minimum of 3 years plus in Early Childhood Education/Child Care Industry

CPR & First-Aid Certification

Authorized to work in the US

Minimum of 21 years of age

Our nannies must:

Our reference evaluation is used to assess a nanny professional work history but may also included a personal, and/or character reference. 

Reference Evaluation

Our psychometric evaluation is provided to get a better understanding into the nanny's personality. There is no right or wrong personalities. People are just different. This is just an extra tool to help identifies how similar or different each candidate might be.

Psychometric Evaluation

Our assessment is provided to assess a nanny’s child care knowledge. It is based on the INA Standards - The ultimate authority on in-home childcare.


"Royalty Nannies provides you with a wealth of knowledge and experience saving you time, money, and errors in the long run when hiring a nanny..."


We know you want only the absolute best around your family. Our Background check are used to investigate and verify a nanny's past employments, education, criminal, and motors vehicle records.

Background Checks

serving families
The Woods Family

"Royalty Nannies is a true reflection of Nelly! She definitely knows her stuff and was able to find us a nanny who is more than what we were expecting! We would highly recommend her services!

Praise for Royalty Nannies

The Wang Family  

We honestly thought it would be like a mission impossible but after a long search Nelly was able to find us a Mandarin speaking nanny! We are so happy with Amy, she is honestly so good with our son! Thank you so much Royalty Nannies.

Praise for Royalty Nannies

While we specialize in nanny placements, we are a full-service agency that can provide you with other specific domestic household needs such as housekeeping, special care specialists, assistants, etc. Please contact us and let us know what you’re looking for!

I need a housekeeper, do you provide that service too?

While we rarely see this happen, we always provide our families with  a one year guaranteed replacement and access to our in-house client consultations to  help navigate any issues that may arise within the first-year of employment . 

What if the nanny I hired doesn’t work out?

Yes! We present our top 3 selections first to ensure that your precious time is not wasted. If you don’t find someone you love, we will continue to introduce you with candidates and won’t stop until we help you find the one. 

Do you provide more than the top 3 candidates?

The process varies from family to family based on their needs. The typical range tends to be 6-8 weeks.

How long is the entire process?

This depends on a few factors like location, part-time vs. full-time, nanny's experience, number of children,  and responsibilities. You should expect an annual 5-figure investment for a qualified nanny. For our placement services and support alone, you can expect a one-time placement  investment of 25% .  You can view the complete investment here.

What is the investment for a nanny?