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Our commitment lies in providing the best nannies to the families we serve. We take the time to assess who is the right fit to join us and even more time assessing which family would be their perfect match. With us, you’ll know that we have your back about handling the nitty gritty to best support your placement with the right family fit.

We only represent the best of the best

Make A Difference With Us

It’s also important that each nanny is passionate about children and what they do, pass our nanny assessment with flying colors, and pass additional screening tests (full background check, psychometric evaluation, etc.)

Effective communication, professionalism, self-motivated, reliable, honest and adaptable

Valid passport and availability to travel when necessary

Extensive experience with travel, tutoring, artistic skills, musical instruments, athletics, etc.

At least 3 phenomenal childcare references/letters

English speaker, bilingual a plus

Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record and a reliable vehicle

Legally authorized to work in the U.S.

Certifications/degree or experience in Early Childhood Education, or other related fields

Have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience working in the childcare industry or in a private household setting.

Minimum of 21 years of age

This includes:

Royalty Nannies specializes in connecting Professional Career Nannies with amazing families who see and value a Nanny as a professional investment. As a Nanny you will be responsible for making a positive impact for their children and household. You will be viewed as a support to help create a balanced family lifestyle.

What we look for in a nanny

- Royalty Nannies

​​"As a career nanny, you are required to genuinely care and love working with children beyond comprehension. This job requires you to discipline, educate, help raise, lead, and deeply support a child in becoming amazing human beings. This job requires you to be a team player, a support system for parents, and a best friend for the child. Being a nanny is not your typical job… it’s much more than just a salary."

Receive exclusive nanny position opportunities

Standardized minimum hourly rate based on location, experience, and responsibilities  

Guaranteed hours, vacation time, sick days, paid holidays, annual salary increases, and mileage reimbursement for on the job use.

Legal Nanny Pay

While we enforce a rigorous screening process to ensure you’re a great fit for our agency and families, we make sure we are representing you in the utmost professional approach. We advocate for you according to all current nanny industry standards. Our goal as nanny agency is to connect you with a family  that is aligned with your own professional growth and values.    

We strongly believe that in order to employ the best talent, they need to be treated and supported beyond the norm. While we place professionals that always go the extra mile, we want you to know that we do the very same for you.

We know the importance of a highly-skilled nanny that provides nourishment to a child’s upbringing and ease to a family’s household. That’s why it’s just as important to us that our families acknowledge the value of their services.

“A Nanny who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.”

What we Advocate And help NEGOTIATE for you:

Why Work With Us?

Receive Professional Representation and Guidance 

Receive a Competitive Compensation Package offer aligned with the current Nanny Industry Standards

Confidentiality and safety during your entire placement experience 

We are a job recruitment source to you  with any current or future opportunities we may have

There is absolutely no cost to you

The Experience

We’ll connect live or virtually so that we can get a better understanding of your experience, skills, and background.



We’ll begin our rigorous screening process which includes a Nanny assessment, in-depth background check, childcare reference check, and psychometric evaluation. If everything checks out, we welcome you to the family!

Screening Process


Whenever a search comes up that you are the perfect match for, we’ll introduce your portfolio to the family and set up interviews if they decide to move forward.



Once you’ve identified the nanny of your dreams, we'll arrange an official "nanny trial". This working week will allow your family and the nanny of your choice time to get to know one another and ensure the pairing is the perfect fit before an official commitment is made.

Nanny Trials


If the family has decided to present you with an offer, we’ll send you the official offer letter. Once you accept, we’ll provide all the necessary paperwork to finalize and set you and the family up for success.



Congrats on becoming a family’s dream nanny! The fun doesn’t stop here, because we’re always a call away if you need anything at all (no matter how big or small).



If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then you've found the perfect agency. Apply via the button below - we look forward to getting to know you better!


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Nanny Kimberly

"I am not going to lie, this has definitely been one of the hardest and longest screening processes I have had as a nanny but totally worth it! Royalty Nannies was able to connect me with the most incredible Nanny Family!"

Praise for Royalty Nannies

Nanny Jessica

"I had a wonderful experience with Royalty Nannies! They were able to provide the guidance I needed and helped me take my nanny portfolio to the next level! Nelly is such a great person to work with and made me feel so special when I landed my next nanny family!

Praise for Royalty Nannies

Nanny Jasmine

"Royalty Nannies is absolutely amazing! They have the best interest at heart for the nannies. I felt really happy with my job offer and appreciated the benefits they were able to negotiate with the family."

Praise for Royalty Nannies

While we will always serve as a resource to help navigate any concerns within your first year of employment ,we also understand that sometimes things don’t always work out. If this is the case, we’ll handle the communication on letting the family know in the most professional approach possible.

What if the job I’m hired for doesn’t work out?

The process varies from family to family based on their needs. The typical range tends to be 3-8 weeks after your first initial interview with a family. Please note we can not guarantee any job positions as families are the final employer and will select who they may best see fit for their family.

How long is the entire process to get hired?

The process depends on multiple factors that involve communication turnaround time and how fast nannies can complete our onboarding process. 

How long is the process to join Royalty Nannies?

This depends on a few factors like location, hours, and your experience. Please know that we ensure that you are paid well and what you deserve.

What is the pay?


Help us make a difference.