A nanny is a child care special­ist whose workplace is a family’s private home. A nanny is employed by a family to provide the highest level of customized child care and to give personalized attention to the family’s children. A nanny may be employed full-time or part-time, long-term or short-term and the nanny may or may not live with the family. The nanny’s role is to provide support to the family by serving as a loving, nurturing, and trustworthy companion to the children.

A nanny will have special­ized child care skills, a deep under­standing of children, and a genuine love of caring for children. In addition to traditional nannies who provide general child care, “specialty” nannies exist to meet the needs of families who desire a caregiver with expertise in a spe­cific area or at a specific time.

This role is ideal for families seeking childcare and related duties for aged infant to 5 years old.

Hourly rates for a Nanny will vary but is reflected based on experience, qualifications, duties, number of kids and location.  You can expect a hourly payment of $25-$35+ an hour

We service the following nanny roles for families in the Atlanta and Miami areas


Ideal for families who are looking for help with their children and household. The perfect combination of Mary Poppins and a personal assistant. Tasks can include household/family-related errands, shopping, meeting with service repair technicians/household vendors, cooking, and overseeing additional household staff. A complete list of tasks provided will be discussed and agreed upon by the nanny and family in advance.

Hourly rates for a family assistants will vary but is reflected based experience, qualifications, duties, number of kids and location.  You can expect a hourly payment of $25-$35+ an hour.


Highly specialized and trained in-home childcare providers who focuses on the care and well-being of a child from the first few weeks to the first few months of life. They are gifted at establishing care and healthy habits for a newborn and their family.

Newborn care specialists rates vary between $25-$45+, depending experience, duties, day vs night care, number of children, and location

Newborn Care Specialists

A governess or privated educator is an educationally qualified nanny employed by a family for the full- or part-time private home education or tutoring of the family’s children. A governess functions as an educator and is not usually employed to perform domestic tasks or to meet the physical needs of the family’s children. This is an ideal hire for a family who is seeking to homeschool their children and/or would like to create a personalized education curriculum to meet their family’s/child’s needs. The main priority is education.

Private educators make typically $30-$50+ an hour.

governesses/private educators

Travel nanny: A nanny that is also available to travel with your family and care for the children.

Summer nanny: A career nanny that only serves the family during the summer months. (This position is ideal for families with school-aged children.)

Sub-nanny: A career nanny that replaces your long-term nanny during a pre-planned occasion like maternity leave, your current's nanny vacation,  time, etc...


Sleep trainer: A short-term role designed to help your family create healthy sleeping habits for your newborn.


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