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 There are many factors to consider when hiring a nanny. we help you to assess your lifestyle, your needs, and what aspects are most important to you and your family.

Born from a place of love and genuine desire to elevate the nanny search and experience, Royalty Nannies is dedicated to provide you with hand-selected, vetted professionals that best fit your household. In addition to providing your family with excellent service, we provide ongoing support before, during and after your nanny search based on integrity, confidentiality and expertise to support a well-balanced life for your family. Below you will find an overview investment guide of our full placement-service, general nanny market rates within the Atlanta and Miami areas and brief information for Nanny Payroll Companies and their roles.      

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Who We Are

Our placement service will begin with an official family consultation. During our initial time together we will be able to analyze your family's needs, values, lifestyle, your ideal nanny, the current nanny market based on your location and answer any questions you may have. Our placement service starts with a $1,000 investment. This will be used to start your family's official nanny search campaign. After all our recruitment work is done and you have officially identified your family's ideal nanny there is a final one-time placement fee of 25% of the hire's annual salary. 

The Investment: What you can expect

Gross hourly rates range from $25-35+  This is based on each individual candidate depending on their professional  nanny experience, qualifications,  number of kids, location, duties and responsibility the job may entitle.  

Career Nanny Rates 

2 Weeks Paid Vacation
Paid Holidays/Sick Days
Health Insurance Stipend
Mileage Reimbursement
(For On-the-Job Transportation)

In Addition to Salary, Career Nannies receive the Following Benefits:

Payroll & Nanny Taxes

Should this be your first time hiring a professional career nanny or if you are a seasoned household employer, we want to ensure you are equipped with the right professional guidance when it come  to understanding the HR aspect  of employing a Nanny. In order for our families to receive accurate and up to date information we have partner with two of the best Nanny Industry Payroll Companies.  At the end of your Nanny Placement we will personally refer you to them based on your own family needs. Our families receive a free-consultation and sign-up discount. Depending on the payroll service you select you will have the option to select a monthly or quarterly plan to handles all your taxes and payroll should you need it. They offer our families a professional and stress free approach so you can sign up, relax and rest assure your employer and nanny taxes are being taken care off! 

Our partner payroll companies can help you navigate the following topic and manage the following:

-Answer any Household Tax Questions  
-Employer Tax Account Set-Up
-Form 1040 Schedule H and W-2
--Direct Deposit Payroll
-On-time tax filings
-Workers’ compensation insurance
-Employee benefits 
-Compliance with tax, wage and labor laws according to your  specific location


Personalized job description according to your own family's lifestyle needs 
Personalized screening, recruitment, candidate interviews, elimination and  final selections 
Scheduling your family interviews 
Nanny interview questions
Nanny assessment
In-depth background check
Childcare reference checks
Psychometric Evaluation
Professionally personalized built portfolio
Writing and sending your official offer letter 
Guidance with employment laws
Guidance on typical nanny job expectations
Guidance on nanny industry standards
Guidance on how to practice healthy communication
Guidance on setting boundaries
Guidance when budgeting for a nanny
Tips to keep your nanny long-term
Traveling with your nanny
Conflict resolution
Letting your nanny go
Employment Contract
Royalty Nannies Employer Manual
Royalty Nannies Training Manual
Our Royalty Nannies Non-Disclosure Agreement
Grantee Replacement Policy on positions at no extra charge
Future discount credit on your next nanny placement
And so much more...


We are a full-service nanny agency meaning our job does not stop when your hire your nanny, you will have access to our in-house client consultations to help navigate any questions, issues, or concern that may arise within the first year of employment.

What you get with Royalty Nannies:


Our agency is dedicated to helping you find the finest care available. Let's connect live or virtually so we can get a better understanding of everything you’re looking for.

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